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About Anglesey Wildlife Walks

Anglesey Wildlife Walks is a small, locally based business which aims to encourage people to discover the astounding landscape beauty and abundance of wildlife found on the Isle of Anglesey. By offering you the opportunity to take a guided walk, we hope to give you a unique and authentic experience of the nature of Anglesey.

What We Offer

Guided Wildlife Walks for Individuals, Groups & Families
This service is primarily aimed at people who wish to discover and enjoy wildlife on Anglesey with the help of some local expertise. Wildlife watching made easy!

You can book a walk as an individual, group or as a family/families. We like to keep group size to a maximum of 8 people, to keep it small, friendly and personally tailored. We also believe that the quality of the experience is best with a small group and there is less disturbance to wildlife and environment.

Families with children are welcome. With a family of her own, the guide has plenty of experience and ideas to keep children interested and engaged while out walking.

There are a range of walks suggested in Our Walks section, which you can choose from. Alternatively you can contact us listing what you would especially like to see, or with a request for a bespoke walk in a different geographical area.

For more information and to book your walk, please contact us.

Therapeutic Walks – Mindfulness through Nature. (For individuals and groups).
The physical action of walking added to the mental and spiritual benefits of being outside in nature are a powerful combination. By focussing on the scenery, elements, wildlife or walking itself, you can forget your troubles and become much more mindful of the present moment. This can be a very refreshing experience. While all walks do this to some extent, these walks focus on quiet enjoyment and contemplation – more like a meditative experience.

For more information and to book your walk, please contact us.

School Groups/Educational
The guide holds the nationally recognised Walking Group Leader award qualifying the guide to lead parties of all ages in the countryside. The guide is also fully CRB checked and holds a current first aid certificate for working outdoors.

Anglesey Wildlife Walks can offer school groups a high quality, small group experience of nature, giving children a great opportunity to connect with the natural environment and learn many new skills. Naming plants and birds, learning which ones are edible and about their traditional uses can inspire children with a life-long interest in the natural environment.

The guide has many years experience working with school groups in through previous employment with the RSPB and in higher education. Recent work includes running nature walks for primary schools and Coleg Menai.

For more information and to book your walk, please contact us.

Cruise Ships
We design especially tailored packages for cruise ship customers, offering something small scale and unique. Passengers have the opportunity to get a real taste of the nature of Anglesey, its unique landscape, wildlife, local and cultural distinctiveness in the short time they are in port.

For more information and to book your walk, please contact us.

Special Interest Breaks
Watch this space. Discussions are under way with local accommodation providers, to build short break offers, which include staying in quality accommodation and wildlife walks included.

Anglesey Wildlife Walks


Walk Ethos

I am passionate about the British countryside and its nature. I wish to share my knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire others to learn about nature and care for its conservation.

Walking in nature and those special moments of connection and enjoyment are life enhancing.

I regularly donate walks to groups and schools in the local community and endeavour to make Anglesey Wildlife Walks a green and ethical business, helping to support the local economy.