Amazing diversity of wildlife

Walked from the school in Rhoscolyn today, just a short walk of 2 miles to the coast. The sheltered lane soon passes a reedbed, where there were lovely views of two goldfinches. The air was warm and almost tropical there, also very quiet. Further on are large rock outcrops and erratics (large boulders left by glacial ice) creating quite a wierd landscape. The bell heather and bog heather (cross leaved heath) is flowering now and there was a lovely small blue butterfly perched on the dark purple bell heather.
There are still a few orchids left flowering too.
A bit further on I could hear the sea pounding the rocks, a big swell today with just one lone gannet roosting on the water for a while, before flying away. The coastal grassland is full of small flowers such as eyebright, wild thyme and milkwort. All of these were valued medicinally in the past. On the beach I found sea kale and rock samphire, both of which can be eaten as vegetables.
I didn’t meet a soul.

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