Cliff-top Safari, a special wildlife walk.

Today’s wildlife walk to North Stack was very special. The weather was warm and sunny, I am starting to get used to this on a daily basis! I love the path from Breakwater to North Stack. The cliffs are so dramatic and today the different pinks and purples of flowering heather fragranced the air with honey. The sea below looked mediterranean blue. The artist at North Stack, Phillipa Jacobs plied us with tea and biscuits as we sat and admired the art in her studio. She told us about the donkeys taking the children from north stack to school in Holyhead, and coming back loaded with coal (in the 1950’s). We saw photos of how it used to be.
Phillipa then showed us round her house and told us 11 people used to live there! We then went through the gardens to the amazing building at the bottom with fabulous views to South Stack lighthouse. The wind was blowing a gale at the tip of a headland, we saw a big seal in the water.
Phillipa is a lovely and amazing woman and she is part of North Stack, the place and its atmosphere.
We walked back on the inland path and saw peregrine perched on a rock tower and a family of chough preening on the quarry wall.
An unforgettable walk.

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