Heathland and Seals Walk for Anglesey Marine Week August 2012

Thanks to Kathy from Naturebites for organising a full walk. Half the proceeds were donated to the Marine Conservation Society.

The walk started off dry and calm and we walked through the varied wild flowers and heathland, talking about the conservation of this rare habitat and about the names and uses of the different plants. There was a lot of silverweed next to the path. This was traditionally harvested during a famine, when the parsnip like root was dug up and used like a potato, or even ground up into a flour!

By the time we reached the tide – race, the rain had set in. Unfortunately there were no seals, but the dramatic standing waves were a spectacle and quite mesmerising to watch. We also saw Manx shearwaters and gannets a little way offshore.

Further round the headland there were skylarks, linnets and stonechat. We all got soaked but it was very enjoyable being with such an interested (and knowledgeable) group.

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