Heathland and Seals

Yesterday we had summer for just one day. The maritime heathland is just beginning to flower, first out is the cross-leaved heath (or bog heather) which is a bright bubble gum pink. Also bell heather (purple) is starting to flower looking gorgeous against by the blue sea and mountains. The rare silver-studded blue butterfly was flying in the calm warm air, looking great against the pinks and purples of the heather. At the end of the headland there were two huge seals basking on the rocks, it was a very low tide, I have never seen them there before and could actually hear them ‘singing’ to eachother. Closer in there was one seal bottling in the tide-race, this is where I usually watch them.
A family of chough were settled on some rocks close by – wonderful views to be had, also plenty of oystercatchers on the rocks.
In a couple of weeks the heathland will be in its full, majestic blaze of colour. Watch the special walks section for some upcoming heathland and seals walks.

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