Last chance to see puffins, guillemots and razorbills this year!

From South Stack lighthouse steps there are fantastic views of guillemots, razorbills and puffins at the moment. The sound of the young birds chirruping is a reminder that in a couple of weeks, the cliffs will be empty again as the young birds leave for the open sea.

The lighthouse steps give some of the closest views of the colourful puffin on the island. Last night there were about 20 on the earthy slopes of the cliff face. As we were leaving, a gathering of 7 or so were having a ‘puffin party’ outside one of the burrows. These birds are so entertaining to watch!

In addition to all the auks, kittiwakes were making themselves known from the edge of South Stack island, a great black backed gull stood sentry on the end and the occasional gannet flew by.

If you are interested in guided sea bird viewing, evenings are particularly good for observing puffins – contact us via email or text/phone 07725174087. Special rates available for a 1 hour tour.

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