Rhoscolyn and Silver Bay Guided Walk Diary

It was one of those perfect walks. The clouds had mostly cleared by our 10 am start, although the wind was fresh, it added beauty to the walk in the form of white crashing breakers against the rocky coast and beaches. We walked across the sand of Borthwen Rhoscolyn, dodging the big breakers, and around the headland admiring the huge glacial erratics. The shelter of the woods behind Silver Bay and made a great contrast to the exposed coast. A sparrowhawk flew out in front of us as we entered the woods.
The footpath was newly cut with great new boardwalks over the wetter areas. There were a variety of dragonflies, damselflies and butterflies in the hot, still air and also a big frog to admire. The mountain ash berries made a splash of bright orange and the red hawthorn berries just starting to ripen, were a not too welcome reminder of coming autumn.
We then came out of the woods and across the fields and reedbed towards Trearrdur Bay, there is such alot of habitat variety on this walk. The views when we got back out onto the coast were amazing and the sea and sky very blue. The walkers enjoyed fresh views of black and white arches and the hidden blowhole at Rhoscolyn. We were also rewarded with great views of Atlantic grey seal, bottling in the water not far below us. We finished the walk passing the Coastwatch lookout and the lovely white houses surrounding Rhoscolyn beach.

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